virtually speechless

eyes2 …i have a day ahead of me and no ability to do anything with it
…where does desire go when responsibility stress and routine take complete hold of your life
…it kinda sucks the life out of the creativity and energy of your brain
…i will turn apathy into A new PATH for me(Y)…

ugh…1 really mad kid
…1 grumpy kid
…too many guests for too many days
…a dirty house
…no groceries yet
…6 hrs of cooking and baking ahead

…should I really bother to get out of bed tomorrow?

I wake every morning feeling that today life will be great.
Then POW…oh3
I know it is up to me to create a life that fulfills me…


in between doing what it takes to just exist I am losing the battle.
I want to learn how to laugh…to laugh hard and laugh loud and laugh often!

do something that scares you, everyday!


and today…this is it

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