where I’m at…


good days and bad days!

Today is a good day.

I am feeling in control AND have a friend without benefits!

Certain helps a momentarily loveless marriage survive.

Invisibility kills a woman, living hell I think.

If you’re not going to make me feel female then you will find yourself dealing with a totally nonsexual being.

Make me FEEL female and the magic is in your hands!

MEN…think it out…wisely…it’s your marriage and your choice!

Feeling female DOES NOT mean kitchen or bedroom duty!

It means that when you look at me and only me you feels that your life would end without me noticing you!

That I make you weak in the knees and you are strong but will turn off anything in your life at any moment for a chance to spend time with me.

That making me laugh makes you excited and seeing me vulnerable makes you protective!

I am looking for that man, maybe it is a fantasy, but I will still look for and dream of the man that wants to be with me or it isnt worth it to breathe!


~ by Barbi Migi on May 9, 2010.

4 Responses to “where I’m at…”

  1. How old are your kids? Why haven’t you left him?

  2. I have that with my husband and should you have that what and waste of time spending your life with someone that looks right thru you derserve better don’t be afraid its not that scary believe me I did that once

  3. Sorry computer error my husband and I are married 14 yrs he’s great with my kids iwasnt looking we found each other on tele match. You need to do this for you it seems you have the support of. Family and friends use that support and if you need me I’m here

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