is he insane?

My husband has gone off the deep end. I can’t save him and I can’t save this marriage.

I have nowhere else to be and that is  a heart wrenching thing.

As most women facing a future without the marriage of 27 years, I am at a bit of a loss.

My husband is learning hypnosis and talking to spirits.

He is sure that there is nothing wrong with him and that I have influenced all our friends and family to point out his ludicrous behaviour.

He spends his time totally involved with saving his 16 year old cousin and her friends.

His happiness comes from the adoration he is receiving from that family, psychic readings, spirit interventions and more…

He says if only I can see what he sees or wait until he saves her, then he will be able to be involved in the family again.

It has been 18 months since the start of this insanity and I see no end to it.

He gets more involved minute by minute.

He arrives home after midnight 2-3 days a week and all the other times he is texting or emailing or talking to her and her family.

He tried to hide it and tells them that he has to hide things from me so they shouldnt say anything.

Is this insane?

It seems it to me.


~ by Barbi Migi on April 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “is he insane?”

  1. I’ve encouraged you to work on saving the marriage several times but … it seems to me he needs an intervention, ultimatum, or … it sounds like you might just have to leave. My impression was the marriage was unhealthy but now it seems not only is he unhealthy but he is, perhaps, dangerous to your health and … if you have children, dangerous to them.

  2. He sounds insane what does hhe see in a 16yr old maybe that’s the only one that will listen to him its seems very unheathy where are the parents seriously if I didn’t know better I would think something going on if he’s not willling to go for counselling you need to separate and see how thatgoes

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