Can a man protect a woman?

prince charming

We call women that dont seem to need protection Ball Busters,  Alpha Women and a myriad of other derogatory names.

I always depended on my husband to protect me.

I grew up knowing that it was my husbands responsibility to keep me safe.

It is only hitting me NOW that that is a huge fallacy.

It is the biggest lie that our parents and society teach girls.

I expected to stay home and protect my children and my husband would in turn protect me.


Kids have grown and husband is incapable of protecting me.

The world is harsh, the economy is terrible and the body ages.


the biggest surprise is that men are WEAK!

They are the weaker sex!

when the going gets tough, they whine and complain and blame it all on someone else!

We learn to suck it up! We learn to protect our young! We learn to rely on ourselves!

We learn that Men are just people with balls and no magic powers and no super strength.

Have you ever seen a woman lift something that is way too heavy for her? In my case that is a box of bottled water!

Ouch, ugh, ouch, hmph and WHEW! into the cart, into the car and into the house!

We do it because we have to! We have adapted to a world where men are the weaker sex in my mind!

I say a man is incapable of protecting a woman throughout a marriage…it is a delusion.


~ by Barbi Migi on March 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “Can a man protect a woman?”

  1. You just figured that out now my family was asleep one night I heard a noise my husband dead asleep I go down in my pjs in heels cellphone and hairspray some guy was trying to steal things ihairsprayed him and when he fell I stuck my heels into him and called the cops my husband never woke up and the dog was sleeping on my bed their both male men lol

  2. OMG!!! That is too funny! And so sad at the same time. And hairspray saved the day, lol…well thats how I kill spiders.

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