I hate your face!

People Irritate me

People scare me

I have no patience for people

Some I can tolerate…for short periods of time

Some, very few…keep me interested

until I start to see them as stupid.

Then they irritate me.

Some, I just hate their face…and it is NEVER about  their features…

it’s all about their eyes.

I can see their soul through there eyes!

I can see their pain and their kindness!

But I can also see shallow and selfish…

and they irritate me, and my skin crawls, and I want to be anywhere but listening to them…

and that scares me.

The people with the pain in their eyes…haunt me

I can’t get them out of my head…and I want to take away their pain!

I want them to know I understand

and that what they feel from their pain is real and I feel it too.

I want them to know that I know how it hurts

and somehow I want them to know that we can get through it.

It will never go away…it will always be a part of their soul

and life will go on anyway

and they too can go on with the pain as part of their soul.

And if they can go on…they are the only people that I have patience for.

They are the people in my life…that have value to me.

They are the ones I can spend time with…for awhile…

until one of us needs to move on.


~ by Barbi Migi on February 7, 2010.

One Response to “I hate your face!”

  1. I love this! You rock.

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