What was I thinking?

I was telling a co-worker how I had started blogging because -he asked if I knew how to make a blog site for him.200130555-001

(I am the in house graphic artist).

That led to my blogging research and my running 4 sites.

THEN ,uh oh…he asked me what my blog name was so he could check it out…uh oh again!

This is definitely NOT something I want my friends, family or co-workers to read.

What was I thinking when I decided to put my sadness, anger and angst down on virtual paper!

Apparently I wasn’t thinking-I was being

  • impulsive
  • desperate
  • and over-emotional

yup! That definitely sounds like me!

Huh…and oddly enough, that makes me smile…BIG


~ by Barbi Migi on October 26, 2009.

6 Responses to “What was I thinking?”

  1. Scary. (did you tell him your blog name?). It’s wierd, I am both ultra paranoid about people I know seeing my blog, and at the same time I fantasize about my wife or one of her friends discovering it accidentally. I never mention any real names in my blog and always try to be vague aout location. It is fun!
    Sometimes I catch myself about to say something to my wife about someone who commented on my blog or a blog post I read (definitely a number of yours).

    Do you think you will ever “come out”?

    • I am pretty sure my husband looked and found “my wife life”. I am mad and sad. He knew I was writing it but he also knew I didnt want to share it with him. Anyway…he came to bed in new pajamas yesterday. It was funny but I am sad about losing my anonymity I was thinking about closing it down. BTW I NEVER told my coworker my blog name!

  2. If you stopped blogging You would be missed.

    • But my freedom is zapped. writing and thinking that he might be reading it sort of ruins the honesty of the feelings. What do I do?

      • You could start a new blog and transfer everything. Or you could have a frank (pun intended) discussion with your husband and tell him what your needs are – i.e. privacy with your blog.

        From his point of view I can see how knowing the blog is there would make it very difficult not to read it. I say make a new blog and keep it secret. He may know you’re doing it, but don’t tell him where or what it is. I can give you some good tips if you want to keep your blog secret.

        If I knew my wife had a private blog I would want to read it, and I would look for it. But, I also know that she has friends on facebook, email conversations, etc and I have no idea what goes on there, so to some degree we have private lives.

        I think it’s important for you, Barbi, to have a private place to express yourself, and you need to figure out a way to do that.

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