I am so sad

I am afraid my virtual friend has died.

Since he is virtual who will tell me?

I haven’t heard from  him in 2 weeks. That is unusual!

I haven’t heard from his family.

I am afraid to ask them.

I am afraid to hear the news.

Every time my phone alerts me that I have received an email I pray it’s him and it’s not bad news.

I can’t imagine that he simply hasn’t thought of me, but I hope that is it.

I miss him terribly. He knows it!

I remind him every week as he fights his fight back.

3 years of constant friendship, daily emails, actually somedays 20-30 emails…a virtual conversation.

…now 4 months of illness and his slow recovery…

I think of him daily, constantly, he is my best friend

…and now he is gone…

I pray it is temporary ♥ I truly love him!


~ by Barbi Migi on October 14, 2009.

6 Responses to “I am so sad”

  1. Hey Barbi, I hope you hear … something. It is hard not knowing. I’m sending an angel over your way for whatever you need. Be well.

    • I heard from him!!! Only 6 words BUT 6 wonderful words to me. I cried and cried. Your angel helped. Thank you for your kind words!

  2. That’s the problem with virtuality. This very blog post is dated at October 14th, 2009. When you start to talk to people online, they could just not have time for you anymore. It takes less than five minutes to make that decision for some people, and sometimes you never find out what happened, even though you’re racked with worry.

    Here’s to hoping he’s okay – because I wonder about people too!

  3. he wrote me and is alive! He is in rehab for a stroke but I will wait for him because we have written now for 3 years!
    And YES! virtual friendship is fragile because it depends on solely in personal commitment to communicate diligently.
    I appreciate your virtual and thoughtful concern!

  4. Yay!

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