when life throws you curves

what to do? curl up and wanna die? prepare the noose?  eat yourself into a comma?

if your lucky, you have someone to talk you down. if you are me, you have only a gaggle of over emotional people running around in frantic circles.

what to do?

that’s when I dream of the perfect guy. a knight in shining armour. someone so strong that reason always prevails and emotion is a useless waste of imagination. someone I can believe in that is stronger than me and I can fit into the curve of his chest and feel protected.


I have to sleep fitfully, shake myself in the morning. bitch at the weakness of those around me. and be my own knight. no wonder I suck as a wife. as a female. if I have to be nurturer AND hunter gatherer I might as well go it alone! no baggage. pick up friendships on my journey. leave them when they stop being what I need.

being family is tough.


~ by Barbi Migi on October 5, 2009.

One Response to “when life throws you curves”

  1. Wow, again and again, you always wow me with your honesty. You are so full of emotion – I’m glad you have this place to express. Oh and “hi,” I was gone for a while, but I’m back.

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