Women R A Contradiction

people overload!

My name is Barbi and I am recovering HOSTESS…kick me again, kk?

get the f’n people out of my house. I mean I love you all but…pick up your own damn paper cup and find the garbage, cut your own darn apple in 8ths and play a card game with somebody else! AND pleeease, when I tell you I need to just shut my eyes and sleep for 15 minutes, STOP TALKING TO ME!

Whoa! I need another shot of anything and a life outside this house. Where did I leave the human I used to be? I am lost inside these 4 walls.

Tomorrow I will get up and run. It is my present to myself (if you can call getting up at 6:30am to do something and wondering after 5 minutes why the heck you  are doing it a present). Then frustratingly straighten my naturally freaky hair into a barbi doll do. Painstakingly pick out the perfect black outfit, that my daughter says makes no difference since EVERYTHING in my closet is black. Throw on a tight belt and a pair of painfully uncomfortable but sexy heels (both black). Grab a banana and a lollipop and swear it is all I will eat today and run out the door for work. soon to be in front of my computer in another place (same sh*t different pile) totally alone and secluded from the world for another 4 hours until the rush of demanding illiterate incomprehensible staff shows up with urgent demands for flyers, brochures, postcards and web updates all needed immediately and first. Luckily, I am so busy that I will have no time to eat and therefore can keep my ridiculous promise to myself to keep starving again until I lose the 10 lbs I gained so I can consider myself human again. I have some serious weight issues…duh.  When it gets dark, I drive home to find my family doing their own thing and hungry and waiting for dinner. I am always totally surprised that their limbs are working but their brains are somehow in “I’m so stupid that I cant push a microwave button” mode. I then clean up after their minor contribution of putting their own plate into the dishwasher and I watch them scatter to their personal computers.

Another day over and once again I am alone. Totally alone. I spend my days alone and my evenings alone.

And as I started this blog…I spend my weekends catering to the masses and still feel alone at the end of it all.

I guess my husband is right…WOMEN ARE A CONTRADICTION.

I have a  house full of people in a world full of people and I am alone.


~ by Barbi Migi on October 4, 2009.

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