as if, lmf(fat)ao!

This one is for Frank!…to laugh with!

My old teacher (actually 36yrs old) just opened a chat with me.

He asked me to “do the nasty” with him when he was my teacher 2 years ago.
I was so shocked, I asked him what he really wanted me to stay after class for.
He was so shocked that I was so shocked.
Then I chuckled and laughed and fell into gales of laughter.
I thought that would make my answer not only clear, but leave him seriously embarrassed.

well, he’s back and a little more tactful.

so, I asked him if he was circumsized…
then laughed mfao!!!

He: no, but almost as if… if you know what i mean, loll
Me: almost? is there a halfway point?
He: nevermind… nevermind, you didn’t get it.
Me: and neither will you.

I have no idea what almost circumsized means!

I have no idea why I asked him, lol!

but he makes me laugh…at him!


~ by Barbi Migi on September 29, 2009.

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